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Loughborough Solicitors , McIntosh Fleming stand apart from the crowd when it comes to finding low cost legal representation. We explain below how rather than competing on price most Loughborough solicitors like other law firms  are set up in a way that prevents this and in fact results in the client receiving a large bills. If they were set up the way Loughborough solicitors McIntosh Fleming are however the client would get a fair deal.

Here is the reason – just about all Loughborough solicitors & other law firms bill their clients according to the amount of chargeable time spent working on the client’s behalf. Indeed it is often a goal of managers and junior solicitors to record as many billable hours as they can each year and to base their pay and promotions on this one target. Instead of trying to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible time recording and billing targets means that most lawyers are constantly looking for extra work to do on a file. They need to reach their daily minimum target of billable time. Their future within the firm depends on putting down as much billable time as they can.

At McIntosh Fleming we consider this operates in a way that prevents clients from getting the cheapest and fastest legal advice. Consequently instead of basing a bill on time we simply charge an agreed fixed price set out in advance. This means there is no point in us finding unnecessary work to do and every incentive to get the job completed as quickly as possible. The result – some of the cheapest legal fees you will find in the U.K.

We can act for agreed or fixed fees in the following areas:

If you would like to take advantage of our fixed prices then simply call Gary on free phone 0800 1712215 or drop him an e-mail at gary@loughborough-solicitors.org.uk.


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