Loughborough divorce solicitors, McIntosh Fleming & Co, believe that instead of charging by the hour wherever possible clients should be given the option of agreeing a fixed fee in advance.

Why? We believe that hourly charging simply encourages law firms to rack up work and leaves the client facing hefty bills. The fact is  that most law firms have minimum billable hour targets for the day meaning that lawyers are constantly looking for work to record against your account. Most other Loughborough divorce solicitors charge this way.

We think this is unfair and that if there was a fixed price agreed at the outset this is more likely to result in a speedy and efficient service. No need for your lawyer to pad out the job and no reason for you to pay any big unexpected bills. We believe we are one of the cheapest Loughborough divorce solicitors

The following fixed fees apply where the application or agreement is not opposed:

  • Unopposed divorce – if you are the petitioner £495 including VAT plus £385  for the court fee
  • or £250 including VAT if you are the respondent.
  • pre-nuptial agreement, living together agreement, or separation agreement  £500 including VAT.
  • A parental responsibility agreement £300 including VAT.

Where the application or agreement is contested then:

  • Any contested divorce, prenuptial, separation, living together or parental responsibility agreement will be subject to an agreed hourly rate. Currently our hourly rate is £75 including VAT.

So if you want Loughborough divorce solicitors who will charge you fairly then do not hesitate. Get in touch with us by ringing free-phone 0800 or by sending Gary an e-mail at

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