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McIntosh Fleming & Co, provide one of the cheapest probate services in the East Midlands.  

If the estate is under £300,000 our fixed fee is  just £725  including VAT.

What makes us different from other Loughborough probate solicitors?

Most Loughborough probate solicitors charge by the hour or as a percentage of the value of the estate but we are different – we simply charge a fixed fee so that you do not end up with a big bill. 

Other Loughborough probate solicitors charge by the amount of time they spend working on your probate file. The problem is that this can result in the solicitor finding more and more work to do meaning that probate takes longer to finalise and the beneficiaries are left with less money to enjoy from the estate. The reason for this is that these firms are working towards minimum chargeable time targets per day. Usually their solicitors have to record at least 6 hours a day of chargeable time to meet their financial target. The result is that the solicitor is constantly hunting for work to do on files to hit his or her target and please their employer. We don’t think this is fair on the client which is why we work for a fixed fee instead. We believe we have one of the fairest charging practises of any Loughborough probate solicitors.

If you agree and want to take advantage of our cheap probate fixed fee, do not wait – get in touch with us by telephoning free-phone 0800 1712215 or by sending Gary an e-mail at gary@loughborough-solicitors.org.uk. we will then confirm the quote in writing.

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