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Contents of Oath for Executors

A.   Details of extracting solicitors including reference.

B.   Where it is necessary to describe the deceased in a Grant by some name in addition to his true name, the applicant must state in the Oath the true name of the deceased and depose that some part of the estate, specifying it, was held in the other name (“alias”).

C.   Order of names of executors may be changed from will if desired.

D.   Insert as former address, address in will if different from address at death.

E.   Date of death to be sworn to, if known; or an application for leave to swear to the death may be made to the Registrar, supported by Affidavit.

F.   Where land was subject to a Settled Land Act settlement immediately before the deceased’s death and remains settled after the death then the trustees of the settlement (the special PRs) will normally obtain a separate Grant limited to the settled land (a “Settled Land Act Grant”) which can be dealt with without the concurrence of the general PRs who will obtain a Grant “save and except” the settled land.

G.   Relationship only stated in limited cases where applicant’s identity or entitlement to grant as exector. is not clear on face of the will.

H.   Executors capacity to be described.

(a)            Renunciation by executor to be filed but not sworn to.

(b)            “Power reserved” to non-proving or incapacitated executor. Oath must state that notice of the application has been given to such executor. Registrar may dispense with giving of notice if satisfied that to do so is impracticable or would result in unreasonable delay or expense.

I. Duties of Executors. Administration of Estates Act 1925, s.25 (as substituted).

J. Delete/complete appropriate paragraph according to whether or not Inland Revenue Account is required. Exact value of estate need only be sworn to where an account is required; otherwise insert band into which estate falls.

K.   Jurat.

Note: The will and any codicil must be marked and exhibited to any Affidavit which may be required under N.C.P.R. In certain circumstances a Registrar may require an engrossment of the will and/or codicil.

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